Month: June 2007

All things water

I’ve never been that big on swimming nor water activities. Nevertheless, I find myself in or on the water quite a lot these days.

Crew rowing has always been a passion of mine since I discovered it in college. I’ve never truly managed to leave the sport, even as I quit it for a few years, and I return to it a few years later. Sara brought me back to rowing this time when she signed up to do the corporate crew program at the boat house. So, I’m back to coaching sweep rowing. At the same time, an opportunity presented itself for me to learn sculling. Years ago, when I was sweep rowing, I took up sculling, and the sum total of my sculling instruction from my then coach Liz was her telling me, “remember it’s left over right; everything else is left-over. You’ll do fine; go out and have fun.” So I consider this recent sculling instruction as filling in the blank spots for which I never had to the opportunity to learn.

Last weekend, Sara organized a rather good sized whitewater rafting trip at Ohiopyle. It was a wonderful weekend spent at a great lodge, and the Gear and Beer microbrew festival was also on the same weekend.

The other activity I picked up for this year is that I’m volunteering with Venture Outdoor for their kayaking (and biking) events. So I’m going to be on the river even more. I do remember that Lawrenceville spring break in Mexico, and kayaking in the Sea of Cortez and camping in the desert. That was a great school trip.