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The wedding toast

The wedding toast that I gave at Mike and Rebecca’s wedding on 26 July:

I’m Rudy, one of the groomsmen along with Dave and John. We’ve been friends for absolutely ages. I’ve known Dave for coming up on twenty years; and we’ve known John for… it must be, oh, at least twenty hours now. You’ll notice that we’re getting married in roughly inverse hairline order.

Fifteen years ago, we took pity on Mike… and let him hang out with us and be our friend. We were so young then, barely out of college, and scrabbling to establish our lives and our careers. We didn’t have a lot of material possessions, but we were rich in friendships. I drove a second-hand Toyota Corolla with a defective door handle; Dave drove a Mustang, which I’m still not convinced had any suspension; Mike drove what looked like a hand-me-down Honda Civic, a very sensible car.

When we first met Mike, Dave and I thought, “oh, the poor guy. He’ll never be able to meet anyone to date, let alone get married.” It wasn’t because of where his hairline might be going, nor because he drove a ratty car. It was because when he showed up at his date’s place to pick her up, she could see the decal on his car’s rear window proudly proclaiming that he attended Starfleet Academy. He was quite the geek then.

We’re glad that Mike met Rebecca, who probably has smacked some sense into him. I notice that our tuxedos are very tasteful in black and white. Left to his own devices, I’m sure Mike would have picked Captain Kirk yellow for his tux, and red-shirts for the rest of us groomsmen.

With that being said, I would like to propose a toast that will be right up Mike’s alley, and offer a word of advice. To Mike and Rebecca: live long and prosper, and for goodness sake, don’t let your kid grow up as a space cadet.

I’m back!

It’s taken a while, but I’m back.

I had tried to upgrade the WordPress software almost two years ago, but it didn’t quite work, and I thought that I had broken the blog, except the blog wasn’t broken. So, recently I saved out a copy of all my posts, and started from scratch and reinstalled the latest version of WordPress, and then had to spend several days redoing all the CSS to give it the presentation style that I wanted.

So, I’m back to writing, and scouring The Internets for the gobsmacked.

Uh oh, I might be a bad person

It appears that I might be completely devoid of morals.

From the Taboo quiz, which measures your morality.

My results:
Your Moralising Quotient is: 0.08.
Your Interference Factor is: 0.00.
Your Universalising Factor is: 0.00.

How did you do compared to other people?
Taboo has been played 32264 times.

Your Moralising Quotient of 0.08 compares to an average Moralising Quotient of 0.24. This means that as far as the events depicted in the scenarios featured in this activity are concerned you are more permissive than average.

Your Interference Factor of 0.00 compares to an average Interference Factor of 0.13. This means that as far as the events depicted in the scenarios featured in this activity are concerned you are less likely to recommend societal interference in matters of moral wrongdoing, in the form of prevention or punishment, than average.

Your Universalising Factor of 0.00 compares to an average Universalising Factor of 0.36. This means you are less likely than average to see moral wrongdoing in universal terms – that is, without regard to prevailing cultural norms and social conventions (at least as far as the events depicted in the scenarios featured in this activity are concerned).

Are you thinking straight about morality?
You see very little wrong in the actions depicted in these scenarios. However, to the extent that you do, it is a moot point how you might justify it. You don’t think that an act can be morally wrong if it is entirely private and no one, not even the person doing the act, is harmed by it. Yet the actions described in these scenarios are private like this and it was specified as clearly as possible that they didn’t involve harm. Possibly an argument could be made that the people undertaking these actions are harmed in some way by them. But you don’t think that an act can be morally wrong solely for the reason that it harms the person undertaking it. So even this doesn’t seem to be enough to make the actions described in these scenarios wrong in terms of your moral outlook. It is a bit of a puzzle!