Life-size whale
2:50pm Tuesday 28 March 2006 by rudy

Get a life-size whale on your monitor. It comes with a handy you are here marker so you know where on the whale you are. Navigate around the whale, or let it swim across your monitor.

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Spring Carnival buggy
9:08am Friday 22 April 2005 by rudy

Carnegie Mellon’s Spring Carnival was over the weekend. The big thing for a lot of returning alumni is sweepstakes, which feature buggy races.

Buggies are like torpedoes on wheels; and are driven by a really, really small person inside it.

Here’s two clips of buggies rounding the chute after the freeroll portion of the course:
Buggy going through chute

Zoo buggy hill 3/4 interchange

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Better than Cruise
4:54pm Tuesday 29 March 2005 by rudy

This bar tender chick is oh so much better than Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

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Windows symphony
1:25pm Friday 25 March 2005 by rudy

A symphony synthesized completely from Microsoft Windows system sounds.

The music is surprisingly listenable.

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Glow brick
1:42pm Thursday 24 March 2005 by rudy


Really cool Glow Brick night light: it has an embedded phosporescent bulb that you let charge in natural light during the day, and it later quietly glows the night away.

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Always on the cutting edge of public personal hygiene, Aberdeen City across the pond is considering deploying battalions of remote-controlled stealth cyberloos disguised as manhole covers but capable of rising from the pavement in seconds and devouring up to three urinating Scotsmen in one vicious attack.

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All the drunkness with none of the peeing
3:39pm Friday 25 February 2005 by rudy


AWOL (Alcohol WithOut Liquid) has been scaled down now as a small, personal, portable device.

The AWOL device works by vaporizing the alcohol with oxygen or compressed air, and the booze-cloud is then inhaled.

Meanwhile, our fun-loving state representatives are trying to outlaw this machine in favor of public urination.

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