Month: August 2005

San Francisco

200505sfbound.jpg Went to San Francisco for a quick visit to my sister, who was there on business and expensing her hotel. It was a Thursday thrugh Sunday vacation that included a side excursion to Napa Valley.
200505sftransamericabuilding.jpg The hotel was downtown in the financial district. Early next morning was greeted with a view of iconic TransAmerica building.
200505sfportofsanfrancisco.jpg 200505sfbaybridge.jpg She had to work the Thursday and Friday while I was there, so I was left largely on my own to amuse myself. Walked the couple of blocks to the dock area, and caught the Bay Bridge.  
200505sfcablecar.jpg 200505sflastsupper.jpg Took the cable car up to Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood. Fell into all the usual tourist trap things, like the wax museum that had, among other things, this Last Supper.
200505sfalcatraz.jpg Out in the water, that’s Alcatraz. Meanwhile, back on the mainland, sea-lions bask in the sun. 200505sfsealion.jpg
200505sfsterlingwinery.jpg Finally, on Saturday, we headed to wine country Napa Valley. This is a view from Sterling winery.
200505sfberingerwinery.jpg The Beringer house that can be seen some Beringer wine bottles at your local boozerporium bodega.
200505sfcoppolawinery.jpg This is part of the Coppola-Niebaum winery.
On the red-eye, at dawn, I returned home. 200505sfreturn.jpg