Butt on fire
11:41pm Thursday 18 August 2005 by rudy


Can’t do nothing but laugh at this live interview that gets interrupted by a naked man come streaking by with his butt on fire.

Brought to you by http://www.santoalt.com.

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The Empire Strikes Back
9:11am Saturday 23 April 2005 by rudy


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More from the bacon aisle
2:33am Friday 22 April 2005 by rudy

Low carb sugar free chocolate dipped pork rinds. Mmmm-mmmm good!

Get ’em here while supplies last!

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The power of bacon heals you
4:23pm Wednesday 20 April 2005 by rudy



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Bush or chimp?
1:15pm Friday 1 April 2005 by rudy


A stupendous collection more at Bush or Chimp

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Dogs and cats, living together!
11:17am Sunday 27 March 2005 by rudy


Uh, actually it’s more Elmo and Tigger living together. Click on the picture, or this link, for a video clip of these two going at it.

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Oh dear!
11:06am by rudy


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Bosom buddies, really
1:54pm Thursday 24 March 2005 by rudy


More things that you can use to decorate your breastices.

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Unsolicited commercial love story
4:26pm Thursday 17 March 2005 by rudy


Her name is Alicia, or maybe Megan, or perhaps even Libby. She’s been showing up in lots of different places, but if you piece together her appearances, you get the life story of her romance

I hope she settles down one day and has a good life.

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Get noticed
2:57pm Friday 4 March 2005 by rudy


Nipple enhancers to perk you up, so that you get noticed


Well, she (with the “I’m number one” hand signal) looks happy (or cold) after dropping in her new nipples.

And we have a review of this wondrous product.

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