Better than Cruise
4:54pm Tuesday 29 March 2005 by rudy

This bar tender chick is oh so much better than Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

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Dogs and cats, living together!
11:17am Sunday 27 March 2005 by rudy


Uh, actually it’s more Elmo and Tigger living together. Click on the picture, or this link, for a video clip of these two going at it.

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Oh dear!
11:06am by rudy


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Windows symphony
1:25pm Friday 25 March 2005 by rudy

A symphony synthesized completely from Microsoft Windows system sounds.

The music is surprisingly listenable.

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Bosom buddies, really
1:54pm Thursday 24 March 2005 by rudy


More things that you can use to decorate your breastices.

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Glow brick
1:42pm by rudy


Really cool Glow Brick night light: it has an embedded phosporescent bulb that you let charge in natural light during the day, and it later quietly glows the night away.

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Always on the cutting edge of public personal hygiene, Aberdeen City across the pond is considering deploying battalions of remote-controlled stealth cyberloos disguised as manhole covers but capable of rising from the pavement in seconds and devouring up to three urinating Scotsmen in one vicious attack.

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Those wacky Japanese
1:35am Friday 18 March 2005 by rudy

Now they are chewing gum; gum that claims to boost your breast size. A company spokeswoman also said that “it smells nice on the breath.”

So guys out there, be careful what gum you end up chewing unless you don’t mind ending up accidentally with man boobs.

Also in the same article, it mentions a company offering a range of snack products coated with volcanic rock that will cleanse your bowels. Ouch!

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Unsolicited commercial love story
4:26pm Thursday 17 March 2005 by rudy


Her name is Alicia, or maybe Megan, or perhaps even Libby. She’s been showing up in lots of different places, but if you piece together her appearances, you get the life story of her romance

I hope she settles down one day and has a good life.

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Musical kitchens
1:31am Wednesday 16 March 2005 by rudy

For the past two years, the management company of the apartment in which I live has offered to update my kitchen, following which my rent would be increased by $50.00 per month. Each year, I’ve ignored them. This year, as part of my lease renewal paperwork, they’ve included an addendum indicating that my lease was subject to me letting them update the kitchen, and that starting the month following completion of substantial kitchen work, my rent would be increased by $10.00 per month. Of course now I wonder whether it’s going up $10.00 because I held out, or whether the rent increase I got last year was actually for the kitchen upgrade, and I’ve basically been paying “new kitchen” rent without actually having a new kitchen for the last twelve months.

Anyway, two weeks ago, even before I had signed and returned the new lease agreement, someone from the rental office called up to say that they would like to start on my kitchen on the Monday of last week, and please to get all my stuff out of the kitchen and empty out the cabinets.

Sure enough, on that designated Monday, they come banging on the door early in the morning waking me up, and raring to get to work. I told them to come back later. On the first day of their work, I came back home to discover that they had moved the refrigerator into my living room, and half the cabinetry and counters ripped out. On the second day, everything in the kitchen had been ripped out and that they were putting in new flooring. Every evening when I came home from work was like Christmas: the anticipation and expectation of something new. The third day brought a sink and some new walls. It was an odd thing, that sink. It was kind of like a stand-alone sink, just by itself without much of any of the surrounding counter-top. Each day brought a little more completion to my kitchen. In all of this, one day I also discovered that they took away the medicine cabinet mirror thing in my bathroom, and installed a new mirror and new cabinet. Finally, on the Monday just past, I got home to discover yet another refrigerator in the kitchen in addition to the fridge that got moved temporarily into my living room. They left a note
to tell me that they’d take away the old fridge on Tuesday (yesterday), and that the floor would be done next week. So I spent Monday night moving the contents of old fridge into the new fridge, and moving all the magnetic poetry thingies from one fridge to another.

Last night, I got home, and damned if I still had a fridge in the living room! On further inspection, they had taken away the old fridge, and moved the new fridge from my kitchen back into the living room. Half the new flooring for the kitchen was done. I also discovered in my freezer a frozen bottle of orange drink which I did not put there. I guess the floor guy wanted to chill down his drink fast, and then had forgotten about it.

This morning, the floor guy woke me out of bed, asking what time he could come back and finish the floors. I’ll be so glad when all this work is done, and my fridge goes back to living in my kitchen.

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